Holiday Traditions

Christmas is starting to take on new meanings for me.  I’m going to keep up with traditions, because they remind me of loved ones, but I’m also going to start new ones.  We have to remember the reason for the season. 

We decorate a Christmas tree, hang stockings, and make way too many cookies.  I say Merry Christmas, because even if you don’t celebrate it, I want you to have a merry day on December 25th.  I want you to be Blessed, no matter who or what you believe in. 

What Holidays do you celebrate this time of year?  What special traditions do you have? 

I want to scrapbook Christmas this year, and I’d like to make a few pages dedicated to all the traditions my family and friends like to keep the most.  If you’re reading this, I’d like to consider you in one of those two categories, so please, leave a comment and it will get added to the scrapbook. =) 

Happy Holidays! 

Melissa & Neo


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