Tutorial Tuesday #5 More About Ideas than How To’s

I’m on an organization kick this month! I’ve received newsletters from the scrapbooking and sewing authors that I subscribe to, and everyone has been all about organizing! If you’re following me on Pinterest, you’ll see my repinning of some awesome organization (and maybe I’ll pin the pictures I’m about to share with you there too)

Keep in mind that you have to be invited to join Pinterest, but if you aren’t a member, I would be more than happy to invite you!

First, a simple tutorial to get your baker’s twine and other string under wraps!

 Alright, you will need your twine or string, a pair of scissors, and a small piece of cardboard, I like to use the cardboard they package behind stickers and embellishments.  It’s a little flimsy, but servers our purpose perfectly.
Cut a small rectangle.  I prefer 2 inches by 1 1/4 inches, so it will fit nicely in my plastic divider boxes. (shown below)

 I make small notches and cut out a little, so the twine won’t slide off the cardboard.

 Here is my twine, wrapped around the cardboard, notice I created a little notch to thread the end of the twine through.

Here they are, nestled in my plastic divider box, which used to hold scent sampler candles from Partylite.

I bought this awesome little three tier rack at Wal-mart for $6.95!
Notice on the top tier, those ribbon spools are sitting little clear plastic containers.  What are those plastic containers? When you buy “sticks” of crisco, they come in those with foil on the top.  Wash em good and tada! organizers!

There is also the cut off bottom of an orange juice container on the second shelf (bright orange)

These Halloween Brads were too cute, but the package was too big to fit in any of my organizers, so I cut the rows into strips! Voila! Now they fit!

The clear little jars you see to the right of the picture came from one of two places; mineral makeup samples that I tried from everydayminerals.com, or they came from eBay, either way, they are considered makeup sample jars.  They come in two or three sizes, and the two smaller sizes fit perfectly in stacks in my organizers.

I didn’t know what to do with my quilting rulers (and I could never remember where I put them last!) so I tied ribbon through their little holes and hung them here in my crafty corner! Next to them is my Fiskars fabric cutter, also tied through with a lil ribbon.

Behind the rulers, the fleur de lis designs are rub on decals that I got at Joann’s on clearance.  I think four rows of four are on a sheet, and multiple sheets in a pack.  I don’t know if they still have them, they were on clearance.

Hopefully today’s Tutorial Tuesday has given you some good organization (and recycling) ideas.  If you have some great ones to share, please do! I could start a whole blog series on organization! Maybe Organize Your Saturday or something of the sort.  Happy Crafting, and thanks for tuning in.  =) 

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