30DPC Day Fourteen

Today is really, for sure, Day Fourteen of the 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I thought I’d be all cool and make the posts ahead of time, then let them publish while I was busy elsewhere, but oh no, it didn’t work that way.  (thinks to self, I’m sorry I can’t take the position you offered me because my blogger won’t post my posts without me.)


 Food Magnets on Our Fridge

 Watermelon Flavored Fabric

One of Our Pantry Shelves

 Sour Cream Cookies

 T-Day Spread

A Very 80’s X-mas

30DPC Day Thirteen

Today is Day Thirteen of the 30 Day Photography Challenge. 


 My Kobo E-reader’s Sleeve

 Tools of the Trade

Decimated Toy
Neo has a penchant for cheap plastic toys

Tutorial Tuesday #9 Recipe Edition

Happy Tuesday!  It’ll be even happier if you make this tutorial tuesday recipe for dinner!  This recipe is one that I found on the internet many moons ago and my husband is in love with it.  It is sooooo much easier than it sounds. 

Crack in a Bowl a.k.a. Potato Ham Soup
~1 container Chicken stock
  (Kroger 36 oz. or Swanson 26 oz.it just depends on how much soup you want)
~2 cans of condensed Cheddar Cheese Soup 
~2 cans of condensed Cream of Potato Soup
  (I usually use Campbells or Meijer brand, some of the others are weird.)
~5 medium size potatoes, cubed (sometimes I do skin off, sometimes I leave it on)
~cubed ham (comes in various size packages, I usually get mine from Meijer)
~1 bag shredded cheddar cheese (to top your bowl of soup with)
~bacon bits or green onion (optional toppings)
You can either start this in the morning before work in the crockpot and just put it on low all day, or you can throw it all into a large pot and boil it in the evening.  Either way works great.  Make sure you add the ham in the last ten minutes, or else it may become too salty.  The ham will be pre-cooked and will only need heating up. 

30DPC Day Twelve

Happy Monday! Today is Day Twelve of the 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the inspiration Closet, unless I shocked and horrified everyone by just taking pictures of all our messy closets… So I will give you a mix of things I would like to put in my closet from my collections at polyvore.com.

Before we get to the fashion, I came up with a short list of things you may not want to find in your closet

dead body
peeping tom
either parent/grandparent (why the hell would they be hiding in the closet?!?!)
someone else’s pot growing in your closet
a dead animal
ex boyfriend


Neon! Retro by Melissa Kurtz on polyvore.com

 Big Top Gypsy by Melissa Kurtz on polyvore.com

Beachy Sunset by Melissa Kurtz on polyvore.com

30DPC Day Eleven

Happy Saturday!  Today is Day Eleven of the 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I will be gone most of the day, so I figured I’d do this now.  I may add more photos later after my adventure. 



(originally named Rosy, but our Rosie renamed him Turk.  She wanted to be the only Rosie in the house.)

 Green and Blue
The quilt I’ve been working on

Green Poof

30DPC Day 10

Today is Day 10 of the 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I have to admit, I’m starting to have a hard time keeping up.  I was just accepted to transfer to a university, and I am about to start a new job.  Please forgive me if I fall behind.  I won’t stop all together, I’ll just be a little late. 

Today’s Challenge is

 Mary in Blue

Geod Coasters

 Blue Things Around The House

Blue Thread