Tutorial Tuesday #7: Awe Hell Edition

Awe hell, it’s Tuesday! lol I totally forgot that it was Tuesday, sorry for the almost lateness of my tutorial! 

Cutting glass the not so dangerous way (well, there is fire involved…)

Please make sure you are doing this near the sink, with the windows open. 

You will need:
a drinking glass or a bottle to cut, yarn, nail polish remover, sink full of cold water, and a lighter.

First wrap your yarn around the glass 5-6 times.  Tie a knot, then trim off the excess yarn. 

Next, slide the yarn off and dip it into nail polish remover.

Slide the nail polish remover soaked yarn back onto the bottle in the exact spot and exact angle you want the glass cut. 

Light the soaked yarn on fire, turning the glass to make sure the glass is heated evenly. 
(the fire should only burn the soaked yarn since it has nothing else to catch on the bottle/glass)

Submerge the glass into the sink of cold water, let it separate on it’s own. 

Voila! You have a cut bottle or glass without little shards, glass dust, or cutting yourself!

I found another crafty lady that has done this, visit her tutorial here.


One thought on “Tutorial Tuesday #7: Awe Hell Edition

  1. Hi everyone! I had some epic fails at cutting glass in this fashion. I did a little research and learned that cotton yarn is the best to use, as it will burn hotter than cheap acrylic that I tried the first time, which will usually just melt.

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