Tutorial Tuesday #8: The Wednesday Edition

I’m sorry. I am a big, dirty, rotten, ball dropper. I dropped the ball yesterday. I spent most of it either with Kera, or dinking around and totally forgetting it was Tuesday. Forgive me.

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is a simple one, about making your own glitter letters (or other embellishments) Please forgive the pictures, my one and only camera battery was charging, so I used my phone.

Printed Text (I printed mine on cardstock)
glue pen
spray adhesive
exacto knife (if you don’t think you can get everywhere with scissors).

First, pick your font and print it to the size you want.  (I make sure I have the ruler up on my word processor to gauge size)

Go over a letter with your glue pen (do them one at a time so you don’t have to worry about using too much glue, or the glue drying too quickly)

 Sprinkle on your glitter

 You’ll end up with a pile of glitter like this.

Tap off the excess glitter onto another piece of paper for re-use, or to put back into the glitter container.

 You should have some pretty glittery letters like this!

 Spray the adhesive onto them to keep the glitter in place.  I recommend doing this outside or in a well ventilated area, the fumes kinda suck.  Do not spray this close to the page…

 Or you get this build-up of adhesive and it stays tacky for a very long time. 

 Next, decide whether you want some of the white of the cardstock around your letter to make it pop, or if you want to cut up against the letter. 

Cut the letters out.

 If you can’t get into small spaces with your scissors, I recommend using an exacto knife ontop of a newspaper or cutting mat. 

Here are my letters, added to a scrapbook page!

 For a little extra something, I used a black marker and lined all the edges of each letter in black.

Have glitter everywhere?  Use a swiffer duster.  It will pick up 99% of it, and you can shake it off into the garbage. 


2 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday #8: The Wednesday Edition

  1. Sorry I'm just seeing this now, I've been bombarded!! I bought mine at Michael's, Joanns carries it, and sometimes you'll find it at Wal-mart. At the craft stores it is in the actual adhesive aisle.

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