April 19, 2012

I’m kind of ashamed of myself.  I’ve been writing at work, and when I get home, I’ve been laying on the couch reading.  (Well, last night I fixed a PC, but for the most part I laid on the couch…)

I should be crafting, taking pictures, reading the Bible, spending time with my husband, with the bird, or a thousand other things… (You can tell where cleaning ranks, not even worth an honorable mention! lol)

And again, here I am sitting at work, feeling guilty about what I’m NOT doing when I get home.  And even worse, I’ll probably not even be home long enough this weekend to get anything done.  Okay, I’m done whining now.  I promise. 

I quilt with a lovely group of ladies every Thursday for so many weeks, then we take breaks and start over.  Today, I am not quilting, I am going to scrapbook.  Cuz I’m a rebel like that.  lol I’ve been so anti-everything lately that I decided I should really get something done.  Oh hell, there I go whining again.  I swear, it’s an epidemic! 

I’m off to feel guilty some more, then dream about taking pictures of my projects to share with you.  =)


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