May 2, 2012

Today’s post seems to be a culmination of random things on my mind… I appologize if it’s disjointed. =)

Happy May!  It seems like the weather is finally changing towards real spring here in Michigan.  We had a freak week in March that it was in the 70-80 degree range, and then it kept freezing every night.  We had some confused flowers bloom and die off.  =(  Hopefully, the warm up is stable and we can actually grow some fruits, veggies, and flowers in the proper manner.

Funny little story… My husband informed me that I tried to steamroll him in my sleep the other night, and then mumbled incoherently at him while doing so.  He then tells me that whenever I talk in my sleep, the only thing intelligible is choice words that would be yelled angrily by a sailor.  lol

Random thing:  The radio station we listen to at work plays a Taco Bell commercial in which they spout the awesomeness of the Dorito shelled taco.  The one person enthuses, “It’s like making out with a unicorn!”
This has now become the office joke in the I.T. department.  Everything is like making out with a unicorn, or we want someone amazing to ride in on a unicorn… It’s bad. lol

Hopefully it will not rain this evening, and my cousin and I will be able to take her dog for a walk.  I don’t have my camera with me, but I could take a few pictures with my phone if we find something interesting… Oh, and I’ll have the cuz take a picture of my awful skirt that I’m wearing today in celebration of warmer weather.  It’s hideous, and I love it!


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