Dream Makeover

So I mean this in the most loving way possible; my husband is a stick in the mud.  I need a stick in the mud to balance me out, but sometimes I just feel like he’s out to ruin my fun. (That is sooo not the case, but the petulant artist/child inside feels that way.) 

IF he would let me, I would decorate our livingroom like this:


Then, I’d be bad and go nuts at Ikea (the Hub HATES Ikea, and I don’t know why!)

 Can’t you imagine amazing throw pillows on this couch in bold colors?!

We have 12 ft peaked ceilings, so this would look perfect on the long, tall wall.

 And then these tables on either end of the couch… (I’d probably paint and seal a cool design on the top)










We already have mostly black and white photos and prints in black frames, so those would pop nicely on the spicy red wall.  Our carpet is a creamy tan, so we wouldn’t have to change that.  (Although some day we’re replacing it with bamboo floors)
I also have this awesome sconce from Partylite (Gaia Branch Sconce)  I might have to get my hands on more of them.



Table lamps (the description said dk brown, but this looks black to me.)  Imagine this sitting on a green and white chevron fabric ontop of the white end table. 











As the dreaming continues, I’ll expand on this post =)


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