Happy Friday!

First day of my Holiday weekend, I’m pretty excited.  (I woke up a little too early, but that’s okay)  For those of you across the pond (and beyond) It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.

I have to cut some fabric to fill an etsy order, do some laundry, dishes, and make room for our new washer and dryer to come tomorrow!
Yes, I’m doing laundry before the new washer comes, because it will be an HE washer and our detergent is not meant for HE use.

A few of my friends are doing a square swap to make a friendship quilt, and we picked Blueberry Crumbcake by Blackbird Designs as our fabric.  (It’s a Moda fabric…)  Here are some of my tiny, million triangles, I’m doing a block from the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along Book.

On a whim this morning, I made an etsy treasury about non-white wedding dresses.

And here, is a lovely little beach coverup dress I picked up at Wal-mart for $5.  I’m going to embroider on it to give it a little pop of color.

Ooooo!  Sunday I’ll be taking pictures for a baptism and going to a Kurtz family picnic (at the old family farm).  I’ll have to post pictures afterwards!


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