Breathe in, Breathe Out

Whew! *sigh of relief*  This week is officially over in KurtzCraft land!  It’s Friday, and I get to spend the day doing whatever the hell I want! (Until the husband gets out of bed, and decides he wants me to wander all over God’s green earth with him for no real reason)  Yes, we’ve been blessed with Fridays off together.  No, I’m not the luckiest dog you’ve ever met.  I get Fridays off, but then I spend the majority of my Saturday sitting in a stuffy classroom, while all the other kids are playing outside.  *insert pout here*  ANYWAY….


Here is my latest find from the local Salvation Army!  The pastel roses is a full size flat sheet, soft and used.  The print on the right is a pseudo sack cloth material that was just hanging out, probably purchased for a forgotten project.  I have some real flour sacks and this will make a great addition to that collection.

sheet and sack cloth

Here is my amazing find from  I bought four yards, and I think it is going to be backing for the quilt that doesn’t have a pattern.  (The link is back to Fabric Stash and Bathroom Decor, where the other fabrics are to go with this prize.)

Oh, and please excuse me while I gush about my new phone.  My employer is amazing and bought me a Droid Razr Maxx.  I think I received it mostly so I could work on other people’s phones when there was a problem.  Either way, it’s frickin’ sweet!  (yes, they let me buy an obnoxious case for it… We bought a lot of them, at least we’ll know which one is mine! lol)

Droid Razr Maxx

Here’s the back view… Yes, that is a HD 1080p you see up in the corner by the camera lens!

And finally, here’s a side view with my hand for emphasis, this phone is slim!  You can’t even tell it has the extended built in battery.

Okay, sorry about that.  I’ve only had it a day, kind of hard to curb the enthusiasm.  Yes, this is my first smart phone.  (I know, I know, I’m in I.T. for goodness sake, but I never wanted to pay for the data plan!)


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