Fabric! Fabric! Quilts For Kids

I’m on a roll!  I’ve been purchasing fabric left and right like a naughty girl.
I bought these half yards on eBay from a lovely new seller.  She only has a few things listed, but she’s just starting out.  Go take a look, she might have a perfect fabric for your stash!  (I saw some ridiculously awesome pink flamingo fabric…)

It came! It came!  My Quilts for Kids kit came!  I got an interesting John Deere themed package that I’m going to call Tractor Love.  I may try to make a few little hearts in free motion quilting.  Well, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, I still have to piece it!  (And if you’ve been paying attention, I spend much more time buying and cutting fabric than actually piecing and finishing quilts!)  But I have to finish this one.  This is my jump start project.  I am forced to finish it, then I’ll have the juices flowing to finish up others.  Plus, it isn’t too huge, I think the kit makes a lap size quilt, perfect for little hands.


5 thoughts on “Fabric! Fabric! Quilts For Kids

    • Someone must have donated a lot of it, or they keep getting requests for tractor blankies. =) As soon as we’re finished, post a picture and I’ll link over to yours. I started, but I still have a ways to go, this last weekend was really busy.

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