Baby Bird Gone

I’m inconsolable at the moment.  The not-so-baby bird wouldn’t stay on the balcony any more, so I moved it’s nest into a bucket on the ground up against the building.  (We don’t get any predators around here, no place for them to hide, and the baby birds that didn’t make it sat for at least a week before I had to clean them up.)

Very early this morning a skunk came around, and I’m almost 100% sure he got into the bucket and snatched the bird.  I know it’s silly to be so upset about a wild animal, but it’s my fault that he’s gone.  I could have put him back on the balcony with a better nest.  To add insult to injury, as I’m looking around to make sure he wasn’t hiding somewhere, Momma Bird comes along looking, crabbing up a storm.  I looked up at her, and told her, I’m sorry Momma, he’s gone.  I then bawled for almost ten minutes on my way to work.  It was bad.


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