WOOHOO!  It’s almost vacation time!  We leave Saturday in mah new cahr (Steffan) for Pentwater, MI.

I may disappear until Monday, July 16.  I may pop in and just post random pictures.  I can’t promise anything, I’m a flake to begin with, but on vacation it’s hard to say if I’ll do a dang thing.  lol

I will be taking along some hand sewing, some yarn and a crochet hook, and maybe a little scrapbooking too.  (Yes, going on trips with me can be a packing-the-car nightmare)  I may even make sure it is something portable for the beach!  Cousin S thinks we should spend 5+ hours on the beach daily, and well, I can only sunbathe and swim for so long.  I usually take a book, but I almost lost a library book last year, so I’m a little leary of that.  I may download some books from the digital library on my new phone.  I better be positive I have my phone charger with me!!!


Where is your favorite vacation destination?  Do you take a yearly trip somewhere?


One thought on “Vacation!

  1. Ever since I was little my favorite vacations have always been the couple weeks we would spend at my Grandpas house every summer…there’s something magical about that place 🙂

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