Disappointment, Thy Name is Daily Grind

So here I am, back at the office and wishing I would have done vacay differently.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time.  (How can one be the fun police while sitting at the beach?)

I drove this year, which was new.  Previous years, my husband drove so I didn’t have a car present, and he is weird about letting other people drive his car.  It was liberating to have my own vehicle, but I am disappointed in myself, I didn’t take advantage of my liberation more than once.

On a different note, there was a gumball machine in Silver Lake that had my ninjas, so I added a few more to the collection.  I’m pretty excited, I found them on eBay.  I may be neurotic and buy a pack of $100 cuz it’s cheaper than buying them one at a time in the vending machines.

I’m having a hard time being crafty as of late, and I hope I will shake the funk soon and get back to it!


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