I refuse to pay full price for almost anything, and I wanted to share my bargain outfit for the day =)





The necklace was a Salvation Army find for $5

The earrings are from Kohl’s, I paid a whole whopping $1.33 for them on clearance.  (I have a great statement necklace that I bought for around $4.90 that goes with)











I’m in love with the top I have on, it’s a rust, purple, brown and cream pattern that reminds me of bark.  I probably paid around $4 for that on clearance at Kohl’s.  I have a light brown three quarter sleeve shirt over the top, I work in very cool air conditioning.  (Which makes me sick going from so hot to so cold, but I’ll live.)

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your ideal size when you’re digging through clearance racks.  I know, it’s a blow to the ego, but if you aren’t picky, you can buy that silly super extra grande off the shelf and modify it to fit you.  After all, it’s probably marked down to 80% off because it’s the last damn one and no one else wanted to sacrifice their ego for the day.  The top I have on is a three of four XL, and I’ve modified it down to my real size.


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