Neener Neener

So the Hub and I purchased Guild Wars 2 over the weekend, and at first, I was a little nervous.  I didn’t do very well playing the first GW by myself.  To cut myself a little slack, my friends had been playing a long time when I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  I had to level up fast, and struggled when I was in a party with them.  (Especially since my pc could barely run GW at the time)

Guild Wars 2 on the other hand, I’m a higher level than both my Hub, and his buddies!  Neener Neener!  Yipee!  LOL the gloating is over, I promise!

The folks at GW HQ decided to make it feel and run like a combination of WOW (World of Warcraft) and GW, so both GW players and WOW players would feel comfortable enough to give it a go.  I like it MUCH better, the only problem is I’m not sure what  job I want to learn (I’m thinking either cook or jeweler).  I’m a human, and a necromancer.  I have a creepy lilac colored mohawk and thick heavy eye makeup running down my face.  If I were at home, I’d post a picture of her.  lol

Anyway, I’m sitting at work thinking I should be at home, wandering through the Shiverpeaks!


Quilting Gallery Blog Hop!

I may not be a host stop on the Party Hop, but I have been stopping by every blog and entering to win!  Go to  to find the list of who is partying along with the Quilting Gallery.


Edit:  The sweet blogger from just came by to comment, and she is on the party hop!  Go visit her first!!! =)


Now I know, I’m usually nowhere to be found near the internet on a Saturday, I just happen to have some time to waste before I’m off on an adventure.

I made a new banner for my Etsy!  It’s simple, but I like it.  Please excuse the poor quality, it’s 760×100 pixels, and I stretched it so it was at least seeable.  There is what I thougth was going to be a chevron quilt, but has actually been turning into one huge diamond, as well as one of the favorite necklaces I’ve made.

It’s a beautiful day already, but alas, I think it is going to be 90 degrees again.  Michiganders aren’t prepared for such heat, we wilt.  lol

After a nice catchup lunch with some girlfriends, I’m going to retreat to the air conditioning at my friend’s house and quilt the day away.

I might do some embroidering because I have a mini quilt swap that I’m waiting to hear who my partner is.  =)

What’s on your agenda for this beautiful Saturday?

Too Excited for a Proper Title

So forever and ever ago, I mentioned and the stunning quilt pattern that lead me to find her blog.  She has now launched her own pattern store!!!  I am so excited for her, and I’m practically hyperventilating because I bought the pattern!!!!!  You better go on over to her shop and check it out, and find the promotion for 20% off on her blog!!!

Ball Jointed Dolls

So I have to admit it, I’m 26 years old, and I’m contemplating buying a doll.  LOL  Not just any doll, a $200-300 ball jointed doll.  I think my husband would flip his lid if I told him about it.  >.<

It is a bit overwhelming, and this will not be an impulse buy.  I am contemplating making one, but I haven’t sculpted anything in a very long time, and I’m not sure how well it will come out.

I think I’m having such a hard time because the more affordable ones look too cartoonish to me.  I want one with a little more western style nose, but I don’t want an american looking doll.


The things I do know:

  • I’ll do the face-up myself, I know I can still paint. (face-up is adding makeup and eyebrows)
  • I want my doll to be between 35 and 45 cm tall.  (for size comparison, Barbie is approximately 30 cm tall)  I have seen these called “kids”, “mini” or “MSD” depending on the brand.
  • I want a resin doll.  I am finding the best are usually in resin or vinyl resin mixtures.
  • I want a female.  I’d prefer a larger bust one, call me vain.
  • I’ll probably change out the eyes and purchase a few wigs
  • I mainly want the doll to make clothes and accessories, but I will probably take obnoxious pictures of it posing too.  =)

Here are a few of the dolls that I like so far (pictures are from either retailer or mfg websites)

This first one is a “bustier” girl, these two are made by Resin Soul.

RIP KIKI, keep on skatin’ girl!


A dear friend and sweet angel has gone home.  She died on Monday.  This post is dedicated to her.

Nicole Brown was born to Terry and Amy, with big brother Ryan.

I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with her after high school years, but I will never, ever forget that laugh and that smile.  She was a personal dose of sunshine.  She will be sorely missed by all that she touched.  Her awesome roller derby team is hosting a skate in her memory that will benefit her family.  If you happen to be around the Flint area, stop by and support the Brown family.




X or Y and a Bunch of Ranting

So from time to time I hear people talk about their generation. I am sort of generationless.

I was born in 1986. I vaguely remember 1990, I remember 2000 well, and most recently 2010.

We didn’t have a computer until I was a teenager, and I didn’t have a cell phone until I was an adult. My first phone could make and receive phone calls-Period.  It wasn’t the size of my head, but it wasn’t an ultra slim touch screen.

I remember cancer going from a sure death sentence to becoming highly treatable with early detection.

I remember when you didn’t drink a bottle of water, you drank water from the tap.  Fluoride treatments were becoming a big thing, and tasted like crap.  The last one I had actually tasted like mint.

I remember us coming out of the last real estate crisis, and President Bill Clinton being elected.  I remember wondering why we were so hung up on his personal life.

I was taught that you say please and thank you, and you don’t make a scene at the grocery store.  Be careful of how you speak to others, in person or in email.  Don’t slander all over the internet.

My favorite shows included Ren and Stimpy, Step by Step, Full House, Anamaniacs, MTV (real music videos and only one interview show, as well as Beavis and Butthead), America’s Funniest Home Videos (with Bob Saget, not Tom Bergeron) and Double Dare on Nickelodeon, where everyone was slimed at some point.

I liked Neon and glow in the dark the first time around.  I remember Angel Dust being the problem drug all over the news.

Am I the last of generation X, or am I thrown into generation Y?