Blog-like Shennanigans

So I realized how much a cluster-eff my categories and tags are.  How the heck is anyone supposed to find anything around here?!?!?!?!?!

Today I’ll be stream-lining my categories in the hopes that they will make more sense.  At first I thought categories was just another opportunity to drop a zillion keywords for SEO like operations.  That’s dumb, and I shouldn’t have done it.  I’m removing categories like cheese, and cream.  WTH was I doing anyway?!

So please pardon the dust, and the pile of mismatched letters that used to be categories until I threw them across the room.  har har.


Update:  I have it down to two pages of categories instead of four! Yipee!  Now I have to go back through and make sure everything is categorized properly, especially those pesky “uncategorized”!


One thought on “Blog-like Shennanigans

  1. Scary! I cleaned up some of my messes but haven’t attacked tags or categories, yet. I can’t even find the master tagging list…. I know there is one because tags op up as I type, often misspelled ones…. And then to go back and fix them all?! I’ve got recipes I can’t even find, because nothing was labeled in the beginning!
    Kudos to you for attacking them!

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