No Rainbows Today

There are no rainbows today in the little KurtzCrafts world.  I try not to dwell on it, but I’m in a fair amount of pain- almost constantly.  I have a turned disc in my neck, and a bulging disc in my lower back, as well as some pinched nerves.  Some days I do okay, others I wish for something else.  I try to be positive, and think I’m lucky to have use of my legs.  (Sometimes, I’m not so positive)

Thursday and Friday were a special kind of bad, and then I visited the chiropractor for an initial visit and adjustment.  I visited a chiropractor before, but he was more expensive, and decided to move to South America… Random, I know.  So the new chiropractor x-rayed away, and then prodded, and stretched me, and then made a few adjustments.  I’m better than I was last Thursday, but I’m sitting here in my office chair with my lower back yelling at me.  If I hunch over really far, I get a little relief, but then the rest of my back is angry… *sigh*


Okay, I’m done with my little brooding session.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will have a booth at 2nd Chance Wood in Corunna, Michigan.  I believe the hours are from 9a-5p.  I won’t be there physically on Thursday, I have to work.  If you happen to wander out and say hello, the fair grounds are right around the corner, and the Shiawassee County Fair is going on this week!


I’ve been making tags and earring holders, I’ll have to post some pictures of my handiwork later tonight!

The war on Categories is still raging!  If you have a wordpress and you want to tackle your categories, go to your dashboard, and then on the left of the main pane, there is x number of posts, x number of pages, x number of Categories, and x number of tags.  If you click on Categories, it will show you a master list that you can add and subtract from.


4 thoughts on “No Rainbows Today

  1. Back pain is no fun….I’ve got a bulging disc in my lower back as well, along with a bunch of other back issues…
    Good luck at the craft fair this weekend! I hope your back co-operates with you for it

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