X or Y and a Bunch of Ranting

So from time to time I hear people talk about their generation. I am sort of generationless.

I was born in 1986. I vaguely remember 1990, I remember 2000 well, and most recently 2010.

We didn’t have a computer until I was a teenager, and I didn’t have a cell phone until I was an adult. My first phone could make and receive phone calls-Period.  It wasn’t the size of my head, but it wasn’t an ultra slim touch screen.

I remember cancer going from a sure death sentence to becoming highly treatable with early detection.

I remember when you didn’t drink a bottle of water, you drank water from the tap.  Fluoride treatments were becoming a big thing, and tasted like crap.  The last one I had actually tasted like mint.

I remember us coming out of the last real estate crisis, and President Bill Clinton being elected.  I remember wondering why we were so hung up on his personal life.

I was taught that you say please and thank you, and you don’t make a scene at the grocery store.  Be careful of how you speak to others, in person or in email.  Don’t slander all over the internet.

My favorite shows included Ren and Stimpy, Step by Step, Full House, Anamaniacs, MTV (real music videos and only one interview show, as well as Beavis and Butthead), America’s Funniest Home Videos (with Bob Saget, not Tom Bergeron) and Double Dare on Nickelodeon, where everyone was slimed at some point.

I liked Neon and glow in the dark the first time around.  I remember Angel Dust being the problem drug all over the news.

Am I the last of generation X, or am I thrown into generation Y?


2 thoughts on “X or Y and a Bunch of Ranting

  1. with the exception of the paragraph on computers and phones, this describes me perfectly as well! of course, I was also born in 86 so makes sense 😉

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