Now I know, I’m usually nowhere to be found near the internet on a Saturday, I just happen to have some time to waste before I’m off on an adventure.

I made a new banner for my Etsy!  It’s simple, but I like it.  Please excuse the poor quality, it’s 760×100 pixels, and I stretched it so it was at least seeable.  There is what I thougth was going to be a chevron quilt, but has actually been turning into one huge diamond, as well as one of the favorite necklaces I’ve made.

It’s a beautiful day already, but alas, I think it is going to be 90 degrees again.  Michiganders aren’t prepared for such heat, we wilt.  lol

After a nice catchup lunch with some girlfriends, I’m going to retreat to the air conditioning at my friend’s house and quilt the day away.

I might do some embroidering because I have a mini quilt swap that I’m waiting to hear who my partner is.  =)

What’s on your agenda for this beautiful Saturday?


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