Happy Autumn!

The weather is amazing right now!  It is hovering between 60 and 70 degrees (F) here in Howell, Michigan, and I couldn’t be happier.  We are a little bit babyish when it comes to temps above 85, so this summer has been a bit like torture here.  Our electric bills have been through the roof.

This is double edged for me though, I love fall, but I hate winter.  I end up not enjoying fall because I spend too much time dreading winter.  How silly is that?  I kept thinking that I hated everything but Spring and Summer, but then I realized how much I love fall, I just hate what comes after it.  I am so sorry my dear Fall, for hating on you for no reason!

Anyway, I’ve been busy!  I have a hard time sticking with one hobby, so I’ve been sewing, crocheting, and pretty soon I’ll start getting Christmas cards made, so they’re done and out of the way before the Holiday mayhem starts.  Here are some of my latest projects:



This is a little red hoodie I made for Mei from an old t-shirt.  It was very easy!  Sorry about her messy hair, I’ve since fixed it. =)  Mei is my ball jointed doll by ResinSoul.








A happy little doll hat I crocheted, for sale on my Etsy.  Will fit BJD between 25 and 42 cm tall dolls.  I can make other sizes upon request.






I’ve been working some more on this chevron quilt, but haven’t taken any pictures of it lately, sorry!





I’ve taken to wandering around with my camera, early Fall cloud pictures are the best!






I also have some family portraits that I took for a friend that I need to edit and get onto a disc for her pronto!


So first, Kristyne had a blog, then a pattern shop, (<—- will take you to her shop) and now, A BOOK!

It isn’t out yet, but she just dropped the bomb on her blog, www.prettybyhand.com!  <— to post about book

She is just full of surprises!  Kristyne is one of the most humble and talented bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.  You should go visit!

I Won! Blog Hop Party

So I didn’t make it to every single blog like I was hoping to for the Blog Hop Party, but I did win something!  This is the first time I’ve won a drawing, I’m really excited!  All the drawings are closed now, but if you want to find some amazing quilting blogs, go to the link above and be amazed!

I won ten fat quarters and a virtual bouquet over at Claire’s blog http://www.cspoonquilt.blogspot.com/.  Thank you Claire!!!!


Some stuff was started yesterday, but today I really need to write the paper and get it done.  I won’t have time tomorrow, and it’s due on Thursday.  I hate writing papers so much, and this one is more of a literary review than a paper, so it’s like a book report and a research paper combined! Yuck!  *sigh*  I’ll live, I’m a college student, it isn’t like I haven’t already written fifty or so papers.

Get Stuff Done!

Happy Monday!  I was able to get a little extra rest this morning, so I’m feeling pretty good besides some mild back pain.  I want to get stuff done!

I need to work on my research paper.

I need to work on a mini swap quilt.

I should take some pictures, it’s a beautiful sunny day outside.

I need to spend a little time with God this morning. (and write my post on heygoditsmelissa)

I need to meet w/ Pastor Mark for the next Bible study. (And then watch the church office during a staff meeting)

aaaaaand maybe a little housework.  Maybe.  =)



I did find two more sources for the impending paper, and talked about it with my friend Kevin, who also has a paper to work on, but he’s the worse procrastinator, his is due at Midnight tonight, mine on Thursday. =)

I started the embroidery for the mini quiltswap, I’d say I’m a quarter of the way done with that, and I’ll pick it back up in a few…

wrote my post, and did some volunteering at the church after I met with my co-group leader and Pastor Mark.

Made a roast, wasn’t done in time for Joe, but it will make great lunches for the rest of the week!

Did some dishes!


Tutorial Tuesday: A Quick BJD Clothes Tutorial

Mei has arrived!  so she isn’t nekkid, I came up with an ingenious idea to make her a “sweat set”  from a child size sock.  Mei is a 42cm (16.6 inches) tall Asian Ball Jointed Doll made by Resinsoul.  I was totally not expecting her this soon, but I am super stoked!

I was at the dollar store and picked up a three pack of child socks (size 4-6), thinking the nice stretchy material could make all kinds of things!

The far left is the toe, the far right is the ankle opening and the heel.  I should have left a little more material on the heel.  Not sure what to do with the toe bit, but the middle became a tube top, and the ankle/heel become a pair of shorts.  Below I am knotting up the “crotch” by hand.


Here she is, in her new sweat set!

By the way, does she look like a Mei?  Should I name her something else?