Get Stuff Done!

Happy Monday!  I was able to get a little extra rest this morning, so I’m feeling pretty good besides some mild back pain.  I want to get stuff done!

I need to work on my research paper.

I need to work on a mini swap quilt.

I should take some pictures, it’s a beautiful sunny day outside.

I need to spend a little time with God this morning. (and write my post on heygoditsmelissa)

I need to meet w/ Pastor Mark for the next Bible study. (And then watch the church office during a staff meeting)

aaaaaand maybe a little housework.  Maybe.  =)



I did find two more sources for the impending paper, and talked about it with my friend Kevin, who also has a paper to work on, but he’s the worse procrastinator, his is due at Midnight tonight, mine on Thursday. =)

I started the embroidery for the mini quiltswap, I’d say I’m a quarter of the way done with that, and I’ll pick it back up in a few…

wrote my post, and did some volunteering at the church after I met with my co-group leader and Pastor Mark.

Made a roast, wasn’t done in time for Joe, but it will make great lunches for the rest of the week!

Did some dishes!



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