November Creeping In

*sigh*  It’s almost November.  While I am excited for the holidays, I am not excited for the big bad S word and cold that hits Michigan around this time.  There was already a little icy slush this morning which made me want to cry.  The wind has been awful here, and I pray that those on the east coast are safe, warm, and dry.

Today I should be making cards and purses for the craft show this weekend, but with Halloween looming over me, I don’t want to do anything but play video games.  =P  Since I’m being a slacker, I’ll post a few pictures I’ve taken lately.

Yeah, that’s my car in the background.  This is our little ornamental tree in front of the condo.

clouds through the dying grasses

railroad tracks in downtown Howell

leaves under the cemetery fence

Trees outside the cemetery

Thanks for wandering by!  Hopefully I really will get some work done and take pictures.  Tomorrow is the big Trunk n Treat at Fowlerville United Brethren Church.  If the weather holds, it will be our biggest turn out yet, we were able to send home 2000 flyers with elementary students!!  Praise God for the schools letting us!   If you live in the Livingston County, Michigan area, we’ll be at FUB from 6-8pm, passing out candy from trunks (at least 40 trunks!) playing games inside, and feeding everyone free food!


Do you Scrapbook or Make Cards?

I’m getting the holiday season started with my Close To My Heart business, and having an online gathering.  If you’d like to look around or order, go to and at some point it will ask you if you are ordering from a gathering.  There is only the one open right now. =)

I’m going to try and get it closed up Saturday or Sunday.  Below is the Stamp of the Month for October.  With the stamp of the month program, you spend $50 and get the stamp of the month for just $5.  ($17.95 regular price, and only available Oct. 1-31)


I swear I’m alive, I just hit a busier than busy couple of weeks and feel guilty about neglecting my blogs.  To catch you up, I’ll post some pictures =)


Picture of a quilt I’m making for a friend.  I’m doing long wavy lines for the quilting.

These fabrics are going to become a fall table runner.

Sunrise lit clouds I caught the other morning.  I looked out my window and everything was PINK!

The Venue: I’m surprised you can’t tell it’s raining in this picture- I took family portraits here for a new facebook friend.

I have so much going on, I feel like I’m running in a million different directions!  I’m going to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween, and I’m going to buy pieces and make pieces of it.  Today and tomorrow is a costume drop n swap at my church, and then next week is my last week as graphic designer for a local newspaper.  After that I’ll just be cleaning for a friend’s company, and doing Close To My Heart.

October, Slow Down!

I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of October.  I also can’t believe how the weather swung on us!  There was no mercy, we went from 80 degrees to 50-60 degrees in under a day!  Michigan can be a cruel mistress, good thing it’s beautiful here!

In my effort to enjoy fall more, I’ve taken a few more pictures to share.  And some of them, aren’t very fall like yet!  The trees are starting to get the picture…

This picture was interesting to take, I am perched on the tree’s roots, almost hanging out over the water.

I had to climb down this little but steep slope to get this shot.  You can’t tell, but this slop is taller than me and I have an $800 camera around my neck- talk about nerve wracking!

Pictures Soon!

I took a lot of pictures yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to edit them all yet, save one.  Below is the photo of part of my hometown, decimated yesterday morning by fire.  They aren’t sure the 100+ year old building is salvageable.  Please help me pray for the families and employees affected in this awful fire.


Janelle’s Restaurant, New Image Salon, and Tower Hardware were the three business most   affected by the fire, but there is also a resale shop not pictured, and if the building goes, they    are homeless as well.  Janelle’s was a very popular restaurant with good food.  I met people that live over an hour away that know where Byron, MI is simply because a friend had taken them to Janelle’s!!