November Creeping In

*sigh*  It’s almost November.  While I am excited for the holidays, I am not excited for the big bad S word and cold that hits Michigan around this time.  There was already a little icy slush this morning which made me want to cry.  The wind has been awful here, and I pray that those on the east coast are safe, warm, and dry.

Today I should be making cards and purses for the craft show this weekend, but with Halloween looming over me, I don’t want to do anything but play video games.  =P  Since I’m being a slacker, I’ll post a few pictures I’ve taken lately.

Yeah, that’s my car in the background.  This is our little ornamental tree in front of the condo.

clouds through the dying grasses

railroad tracks in downtown Howell

leaves under the cemetery fence

Trees outside the cemetery

Thanks for wandering by!  Hopefully I really will get some work done and take pictures.  Tomorrow is the big Trunk n Treat at Fowlerville United Brethren Church.  If the weather holds, it will be our biggest turn out yet, we were able to send home 2000 flyers with elementary students!!  Praise God for the schools letting us!   If you live in the Livingston County, Michigan area, we’ll be at FUB from 6-8pm, passing out candy from trunks (at least 40 trunks!) playing games inside, and feeding everyone free food!


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