Crafty Craft Craft!

I have been a busy little bee!  Someone asked about scarves, so I’ve been crocheting my little heart out!  I have some scarves, a few infinity scarves, and a few flowered ear warmer headband thingies… LOL I know, what a thing to call them!

I had a little fun making business cards with scrapbook supplies =)  I had some from vistaprint, but they didn’t have this blog on them, and they were just so blah… I hate to waste them =(

I’ve also been trying to sew for my tiny doll, she is proving very hard to sew for!  I’ve named her Ramona.

There was a little snow the other day, but this tree just won’t give up it’s leaves! (sorry, early morning photo and I couldn’t hold still for the exposure)


Reese’s Puff’s Muffins?  Not so sure about them…


Shopping List!

I need to make a trip to the store-  I need wood dowels to devise a display rack, wood glue for said wood dowels, hot glue sticks because I lost my bag of them, and narrow blue and white ribbon to match the fabric I’m making scrap drawstring bags out of.
How are your holiday preparations coming along?  I’m hosting Turkey Day dinner at my house on Friday, we are traveling to the Hub’s aunt’s house on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Crafty Craft Craft!

  1. I know, I used to have an American Girl Doll, I let a friend borrow her and I haven’t seen that friend in a long time… =( I really like the tiny dolls though! They’re so cute! Miss you Lloydine!

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