Tag Tastic

So I may or may not be going tag crazy… =)

Over the next week or so I will be adding a lot of die cut tags.  There are already a few available, and if you feel you would like a different size or color, or even a shape I don’t offer yet, please let me know through etsy’s message system.  (You can get with me many, many other ways, but that will be the easiest to keep track of)




I also got my glittery little hands on some discounted washi tape that I wanted to pass along!  Right now you can purchase a set of two washi tapes for $5 and free shipping!  Pick from 4 designs… http://www.etsy.com/listing/126893190


Kensington Metro Park, Michigan

So that little adventure I told you about? I finally got around to uploading the pictures! Remember, these birds really are as close as you think they are! The one chickadee almost landed on my head!






Hey There!

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve missed you.  In this little hiatus, I’ve turned 27, obtained a second job, and bought another ball jointed doll.  I sold one, and sold another’s head.  I feel a little awful about a headless doll sitting next to my sewing machine, but someone wanted badly to buy the head for a body they already had.  Who was I to say no? =) 
My next crafty endeavor (well, one of a few) is to create an extravagant ball gown for that headless body.  A challenge was issued on a facebook page I frequent, and well, I’m picturing dark blue taffeta in waves with a peacock feather beaded on the bodice.  I may be a little nuts, but at least it’s doll sized, not human sized.  You’re talking to the illusions of grandeur dreamer that was thinking she would make herself a ball gown for prom with grandma’s sewing machine.  I still have all that green material sitting in a cedar chest and a chuckle in my heart over that one.  The doll dress? Doable. 

I’m in a bit of a fit over spring taking its time getting here.  The weather was so nice over the weekend, and now we have 35 degrees and flurries.  I could almost cry. 
OH! This next Saturday I will be attending an all day craft day with my cousin.  My trusty Viking Rose is coming along with and a mountain of projects that need to be sewn.  I’ll take the opportunity of peace and workspace!
Sorry for such a long post, but I have a lot on the brain!

We’re struggling with the roommate that has lived with us longer than I have.  My husband purchased our condo in 2009 and we decided to let the roommate move in immediately.  He was in a bad situation, and I agreed for a temporary housing.  In 2010 my husband and I married, and our roommate didn’t bat an eyelash.  It’s now 2013 and it is becoming increasingly difficult to live with this human being.  He is dirty, he smells, won’t clean up after himself but asserts that he does, and has recently voiced his opinion on my lack of housekeeping skills.  I almost kicked him out right then and there.  I don’t keep very good house because I work two jobs and well, what’s the point when five minutes later a slob comes behind you and makes a worse mess than was there when you cleaned?!?!  He is also extremely negative and has made an avid hobby of complaining and why me-ing.  He is quite adept.  It is to the point where I don’t want to sit in my own living room because there he is, lying on his couch with his shirt exposing rotund belly, smelling like unwashed unmentionables and clearing his throat with a sound that can only be described as dry heaving.  *sigh*  I’m sorry, my rant is over now. 


Oh, and I had a mini adventure at Kensington Metro Park! I was stalked by Chickadees, and then greeted quite warmly by a large Sandhill Crane.  He went for my wedding ring til he realized it wasn’t food!  I’ll have to edit those pics and post!!