Spring has Sprunged-ded-ed

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s finally Spring here in good ole Michigan!  Yesterday it was 72 degrees (Fahrenheit) and didn’t get below 50 last night, and today was in the mid 60s with some light rain.  A true spring weekend!  I hear it’s supposed to be above 70 tomorrow too!!!

If you couldn’t tell, I may be beside myself with joy.  lol

Now, onto a few pics of what’s going on around here…

I bought the two miniature kits below and am working on the dresser first.  It will NOT look like that, I’m painting it white for a shabby chic look.


Below is my Ellie with a new faceup and some clay cookies that I made



Happy Spring!

Just a quick post, I’m excited that spring is finally upon us poor souls in Michigan!!!
There was a pretty good thunderstorm last night, and like magic, the grass is green today and flowers are starting to poke their sleepy heads from the soil. 

My boss was joking that she may have to build an ark to get to work, but I’m excited for more earth-healing rain! 

Very soon I’m going to try my hand at miniatures and doll houses, we’re in the home stretch till we have a free room to become the office!  I can’t remember if I posted after my roommate rant that the Hubs gave the roommate until the end of April to move out. 

At some point today, if the rain lets up a little, I’ll take some photos and share my spring bliss with you!