Byron Area Tornado

This video was taken close to where my parents live, and many of my schoolmates.  Unfortunately, wordpress is not letting me directly imbed it, this link will open a new window.  I don’t believe you have to have a facebook to view it.

Tornado video near Byron, MI
Video captured by Bill Floto


Rest In Peace Bill Grubb

Very early Sunday morning, a good friend passed away to go with God. He had been battling brain cancer for approximately four years, and I am so thankful that he no longer has to suffer, no matter how much I and his family miss him. He was a funny guy and had a heart of gold. I just know God has a special job for him on the other side.


If you could, please pray for the Grubb family, especially his wife Wendy.

Rest In Peace B-Ugg.
April 26, 1978 to May 26, 2013


Confessions of a Craft Mess

So I am thoroughly ashamed of myself, but I took pictures to shame myself further… lol

This picture is after I’ve cleaned HALF of the mess up!  That table was my computer desk, and yes, there really was a computer on there with all that.  The couch was making a barricade for me to pile up against, then we moved the couch and I got to work.

This is the pile that I’ve already moved into the office

contained mess

And here is what is already half organized in the closet

boxed mess

And here is WHY I decided to tackle my mess…  To go from this

fiddy buck special

to this!
new couch!

Spring Unsprung?

I feel like we can’t catch a break here in the Mitten.  We went from pushing 80 to pushing 60 in a matter of a day or two.  I wasn’t ready to put real shoes back on.  lol 

I lost two plants the other night in a hard frost, I know, my fault for not covering them. 

Now that we’re sans roommate, I’m slowly organizing and moving my craft stuff into the extra closet.  I’ll take a few embarrassing photos later today.