Fairy House and Contest

I made a fairy house today!  It’s not the greatest photo, but there is no light in it, and was trying to use natural light that was fading on me =(Image

Also, there is a contest that ends very soon!  Have you made a fairy garden?  Enter it into the contest!  http://www.themagiconions.com/2013/04/fairy-garden-contest-2013.html


You Suck or Negative Feedback

I received my first negative feedback.  It hurt a lot more than I thought it would.  I keep telling myself that you can’t please everyone, but that isn’t really an option in customer service, is it?

It was my fault.  I didn’t check on the shipping first, and I was unable to ship a liquid item along with the other item in the listing.  I asked the lady if she’d like me to ship the item without the liquid item or if she’d like a refund.  I apologized. 

What did I get back?   I’m crazy, the post office is crazy, and I should dump out the liquid and send her the empty bottle with the other item.  I could tell this was going to suck all around, so I refunded her the money she paid, and then she flipped out on me. 

Moral of the story: not only can you not please everyone, you can’t cry over the spilt milk.  Check the post office for what can and cannot be shipped before you sell. 

Dolly Nut

I’m almost obsessed with crafting for dolls. I’m not quite sure how it happened. I have one ball jointed doll at home and another on layaway.

Yesterday I answered a request to do a sewing trade. It just so happened we both have the same size dolls.
I’ve always been into the shabby chic look, but I found out about Mori kei, which means forest girl. It is a whole new dimension of layered ruffly cute! I am going to make a dress in exchange for leggings.
I think this has spurred me into an entire line of doll clothes in patchwork and ruffles.


I am setting some goals for myself, I know that I need to make changes.

  • Every week I want to complete two craft projects and get them posted on ebay or etsy.  This could be a simple as a doll skirt or a necklace.  I need the extra income and I haven’t been doing very well on making product to sell.

Don’t mind the shameless self promotion —>  http://www.etsy.com/shop/kurtzcrafts  and           http://myworld.ebay.com/missi_eagles

  • I want to lose at least ten pounds by the end of August.  I know that gives me six whole weeks for a measly ten pounds, but I want an achievable and surpassable goal.  I want to look back and say I put the cherry on top if I am able to lose more.  The photo beneath is of me this last week while on vacation.  This angle gives me an idea of how much I’ve really spread in the horizontal direction, something you can’t really see from the standard front angle in the mirror.


  • I need to post to my blog more! I’m going to try for at least twice a month, hopefully more now that I have a smart phone again, making it easier to post.  Whether it’s just a musing about my day, or a new craft project/tutorial, I need to be more present.

Home Home Home

We’re home from vacation and have the car unloaded. Phew! A day of rest tomorrow and back to the grind. I’ m so thankful I had the foresight to clean the condo before we left. Nuthin like coming home to clean space and only chore is laundry.

There was an art show today in Pentwater, my cousin and friend wandered with me. Always inspires me to make jewelry. I may have to be bad and order more supplies.