You Suck or Negative Feedback

I received my first negative feedback.  It hurt a lot more than I thought it would.  I keep telling myself that you can’t please everyone, but that isn’t really an option in customer service, is it?

It was my fault.  I didn’t check on the shipping first, and I was unable to ship a liquid item along with the other item in the listing.  I asked the lady if she’d like me to ship the item without the liquid item or if she’d like a refund.  I apologized. 

What did I get back?   I’m crazy, the post office is crazy, and I should dump out the liquid and send her the empty bottle with the other item.  I could tell this was going to suck all around, so I refunded her the money she paid, and then she flipped out on me. 

Moral of the story: not only can you not please everyone, you can’t cry over the spilt milk.  Check the post office for what can and cannot be shipped before you sell. 


5 thoughts on “You Suck or Negative Feedback

  1. Having worked in Customer Service since 1998, I can tell you that some people just overreact. She may have been having a bad day. You did all that you possibly could after realizing the mistake. Don’t beat yourself up!

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