A Little Extra With Video

Not too long ago I posted about a money making idea called Instant Rewards.  It isn’t a scam or pyramid scheme.  I had an overwhelming response, and decided to post the “orientation video” to better explain how it works.


If you’re interested, here is my link: http://www.60.instantrewards.net/index.php?ref=220635

I will walk you through the whole process, so email me as soon as you’ve signed up, and we can get your rewards on the fast track!  kurtzcrafts (at) gmail (dot) com




I’m almost at a standstill, I’ve been having a hard time getting things together. I did however sell a few nose studs, and I believe I’m going to order more supplies. They didn’t give me a good variety this last time, so I will need to order more. When I order them they come as a random mix

I have been waiting on a head for one of my new dolls. This hold up his kind of kept me from making and taking pictures of things for her.

Everyone Needs a Little Extra

I swear, I am not a spammer.  This is not a scam, nor is it a pyramid scheme.  It is a little time consuming at first, but the rewards are worth it. 

E-mail me if you’d like to make some extra money.  You need a paypal and a credit card.  You need some time to complete some free or low cost trial offers.  I am not making money off of you for your referral, I am making money off of the companies who are offering the free trials. 

My e-mail?  kurtzcrafts (at)gmail (dot) com. 

Mind the Dust

Mind the dust, maybe it will make me go faster.  LOL
I’m revamping my etsy, and adding a second.  People stuff will be posted on KurtzCrafts.  Doll things will be posted on ImogenesTreasuresBJD.  It already exists, but has nothing in it. (Lazy, busy, both?)  I at least got to the point where I removed the BJD items from my KurtzCrafts.  That is a start, right? 

I have a minifee bjd body on the way, and just received a blythe body, so I will be making more sizes than just YOSD.  (that was getting old, fast!) Soon I will be adding a tiny new member, a realpuki to the house.