Yesterday I called my mom, just hoping to say hi and chat. She sent me on an errand to Joann’s, needing knitting needles in a different size.  I am unable to just go and fetch, so I ended up wandering around the store for an hour, which is what I do by myself.  Anyway, I picked up a knook starter kit and this cold snowy morning I am learning to knook. (I think this will be a good thing to do on a plane or at the airport, especially since a small bamboo hook looks much less like a weapon than long, fat, metal needles. lol) I probably should have selected a different yarn, as this Eclipse by Red heart is a woven one. I’ll post my results when I get somewhere with it!



2 thoughts on “Knookin’

    • It is interesting. I am a much better crocheter than knitter. I got the kit with a coupon, so I only paid $5. Besides good picture instructions there is a website to watch videos.

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