Birchbox is da Bomb


They sent me two bags of the tea and they were super yummy!!!

So I love fashion, and I like the idea of being marginally trendy.  (marginally, really trendy is too expensive. lol)

I tried Birchbox, and I love it.  I think I’m on box number six?  Every month you receive 5 deluxe samples to try, plus you usually get an extra that the Birchbox staff is in love with.  My first month they sent me a full size chapstick hydration lock, and another month they sent me a Ghirardelli chocolate bar!  You take a mini survey to tell them what you’re interested in, like, do you want to try new lifehack gadgets? Makeup? Hair products? Organic or all natural products?  Let em know!  There is so much more than just makeup (which is what I thought it was originally, just makeup). 

Men’s boxes are $20 per month, and women’s are $10 per month.  You can do one, three, six, or 12 month subscriptions.  Right now they are doing a promotion where you get an extra sample in your first box of Benefits cosmetics.  Yes, I do get extra points towards purchases if you use my referral link, but so will you if you refer friends too!  (OH, that is the best part!  You earn points to make purchases of full sized products if you refer friends or write reviews of the products in your latest birchbox!!!)

If you are on board, go here  You can cancel at any time. 

There is another similar service called Ipsy.  I have not used Ipsy and I believe it is totally different brands.  Think of Birchbox as the luxury sedan and Ipsy as the dependable station wagon.  I chose Birchbox first because it looked like I could get all of the Ipsy brands at my local drug store, while the Birchbox brands are department store or online only.  Thanks for reading as always!




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