Busy (Nervous) Bee

With vacation only two weeks away, I am flipping my lid! In an effort to slow myself down I have been very busy project wise.

I finished my nightmare swim suit (no, you aren’t getting me to model it)


It was really hard for me, I don’t take direction well when creating garments, not to mention portions of the instructions for this were cryptic, even to friends who follow their pattern directions to a tee. It is a little small in the middle, I was not anticipating such a stretchy fabric giving so little, but that is because I have always owned cheap, partially lined suits up til now. I can put it on but it is sort of corset like without the flattering part. lol I am on a diet and rigorous exercise schedule, so I am hoping to shave off that half size in time.

If not, I have a back up, or I can just leave my new cover up on. (See below)


I am pretty proud of myself on this one, not only did I make it, I also gave it the dye job. It is modified from the same pattern envelope as the swim suit.

I am also about to finish up this jewelry roll below, so I am not worried about lost earrings and tangled necklaces. It just needs its ribbons, batting, and to be quilted.


Stay tuned for the other half of my projects and the finished jewelry roll, it is time to leave for church.