Warm Up America

I know, I know, as we are transitioning into summer all over the US, we don’t want to think about heavy yarn.  But! I have a good cause for you!  Warm Up America! is taking donations for baby blankets to give to preemie babies.  Visit their facebook page for more info and please consider knitting or crocheting a blanket to donate.  If you’re a sewer, visit Project Linus for similar opportunities!

You wouldn’t believe how much comfort you can bring to a little one and their family by your handmade gift! I try to remember to pray over them before I finish, just so God will send a little extra love.  

I promise, I haven’t given up on finishing my Punta Cana story, I am just swamped between work and class.  My final project is due this Thursday and I haven’t even thought about my presentation yet. *hyperventilating*  


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