Older, Maybe Wiser?

You know what I’m not good at? Dieting and exercising. (Oh, and consistently blogging. yeah, I’m bad at that too.)  It is against my very nature as someone who must be doing something productive and relatively satisfying at all times.  I’m a late 80’s early 90’s kid, who’s best friend was cable tv.  I was never told no when ice cream was involved, and I only played outside when I felt like it.  The rest of the time you could find me curled up with a book in a bizarre spot.  Besides, I pretty much gave up riding my bike somewhere between needing stitches and an hour of gravel removal and we moved to a place where my parents got lost and decided to buy a piece of property there.  I do not run unless my life depends on it, and that weighs heavily upon what objects around me can be used as a weapon.  

I’ve fallen off the eat right and feel better bandwagon so many times I’m scarred for life.  I don’t feel any better when I eat what I’m told to and exercise as much as I should, so why am I torturing myself again?  

You know what I am good at? Letting go and moving on.  *throws the recumbent bike off the balcony with glee*

I decided fat and happy is much better than thin and angry (okay I never got to the thin part, so I was just angry).  No, I’m not abandoning all self control and eating til I’m 500 lbs.  I am going to stop shaming myself though, and just be me.  The I’m moody so I will feed the beast chocolate, or I rode two miles on the recumbent bike so that deserves ice cream will no longer make me feel guilty.

I go in little waves, and that’s okay.  I don’t have to become a marathon runner.  I don’t have to join a four times a week yoga class.  I can take a class here and there, lift a few weights when I remember and oh, walk a random 5k because my friends want me to.  (The Foam 5k is this Saturday, I will keep you posted… If I survive.) 


One thought on “Older, Maybe Wiser?

  1. BRAVO!!! So very we’ll said! And happiness is the key or goal. Until I reached age 40 I was skinny, skinny, skinny – and I ate whatever I wanted. Well, 2 babies later and Father Time caught up with me. Now I’m fat. Oh well. I had 40 years of skinny and things change. I’m happy, I love God, I love my family and friends, love working with little children, love animals, and I have time to sew. You know what? Life is good and it sounds like yours is, too. You are a darling young woman and from I know about you, you’re a loving wife, a great friend, and fabulous crafter! March on!!!

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