Aprilish with a cutfile


I say Aprilish because mother nature has been a little finicky with us here in Michigan.  We had three beautiful, 70-something degree days, and some days where it didn’t get above freezing.  I was really hoping for a beautiful spring day today, but the forecast only calls for a high of 57.  Bummer.  Oh well, I keep hearing that we are going to go from cold to hot, so I will stick out the cold stint.  At least the trees are blooming.

I have two little videos on my youtube channel if you’d like to check those out, they’re just haul videos.  I want to work on some process videos, but first I need to get some sort of space worked out.  I was thinking about buying a little tripod for my phone, it is just easier to use my phone instead of my camera, as silly as that sounds.

I have a new cutfile for you today!  (click on the pic to go to my dropbox)

It was inspired by this video from the Crafty Maven Getaway Channel.  I was really excited by the pyramid of hearts in both her layout and the layout she was scraplifting.  So thank you, Evi, if you happen to see this!

I personally have a silhouette portrait at home, but I thought this would be more usable on a cameo mat.  If you aren’t comfortable changing the cutfile yourself for a portrait mat, let me know and I can make one for the portrait and upload it.


Thanks for stopping by!  Adios!





Spring has Sprunged-ded-ed

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s finally Spring here in good ole Michigan!  Yesterday it was 72 degrees (Fahrenheit) and didn’t get below 50 last night, and today was in the mid 60s with some light rain.  A true spring weekend!  I hear it’s supposed to be above 70 tomorrow too!!!

If you couldn’t tell, I may be beside myself with joy.  lol

Now, onto a few pics of what’s going on around here…

I bought the two miniature kits below and am working on the dresser first.  It will NOT look like that, I’m painting it white for a shabby chic look.


Below is my Ellie with a new faceup and some clay cookies that I made


April 30, 2012

POST TRY NUMBER TWO…. WordPress, what’s your deal today?  Anyway…

Neo cuddling and wishing the camera would go away
My sewing machine!  My cousin and I picked it up yesterday, and thank you Maya for not only finding this for me, but meeting us there!
Dinner! Cheeseburger Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Peas (yeah, the peas may have been victims of freezerburn.)

Musings Volume 1

Today is a day of observations.  (I spent most of my day photographing Take Your Child To Work Day at Asahi)  I have a feeling that this will not be the last in my “Musings” series, so I’m calling it Volume 1. 

We had 40+ children come to work with their parents, all over the age of 8.  The kids made up marketing plans, picked a mystery basket that had certain ingredients in it, and were told that they had to make their ice cream sound the best.  The kids came up with some great schemes.  They were all little sellers.  All profits went to our local charity we support, the Family Impact Center.  They made about $100 at $1 a bowl of ice cream. 

They were quiet and respectful of the rules we imposed upon them, kept themselves busy during lunch down time, and hawked their little hearts out when people came out from the plant to buy ice cream.  We had visitors from Japan at the office, and our President gave them each a ticket to get ice cream.  They seemed delighted and a little overwhelmed by the scene before them.  (Imagine groups of 7 children in bright yellow shirts, holding up signs and yelling about how much better their toppings are)  It was quite a spectacle.  I promise to post pictures just as soon as I can get them off of my camera.  (Tonight is quilting at a friend’s church, but I’ll try!  If all else fails, I’m home tomorrow so I’ll try to get some sewing and blogging done.)

You know, it’s funny- when you buy a domain?  People start seeing your blog.  It’s been substantial for me.  I don’t have a whole lot of followers, but people are consistently visiting my blog every day, and that is a helluva lot better than my free blogger account that I was lucky to get one view per month.  Granted, I’m writing more, and trying to do a better job of it, but that’s because I’m paying real US currency to have this blog.  Thank you for dropping by.  =)

April 25, 2012

I’m working on being blonde.  Wal-mart had John Freida hair foam for $11 and then there was a coupon for free shampoo or conditioner, so I got a no frizz conditioner and blonde hair foam for around $13 with tax.  It was fantastic. 

My friend Maya found me a machine match made in heaven.  A friend of hers is looking to sell their $2000 sewing machine for a fraction of the cost, and baby, I’m cashing in!  I am so excited!  I am hoping to have new machine in hand by Sunday.  Of course, I will take pictures.  I’m using my poor Singer Simple today, it may be one of the last times I ever use it. 

A few photos…



This is one of the happy little birds that I bought on my adventures Friday.  You can’t see it really well, but there are large chunks of transluscent glitter all over him.







Cut pieces waiting to become pot holders 









Sewing some of the Dresden Plate tops







Some of the pieces already sewn together