Eastery Musings

Hey gang!  Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!

Today is just going to kind of be some of the thoughts banging around in my head.

A few weeks ago I spilled the blue mountain dew (I think it tastes like the blue part or a rocket pop) on my keyboard and the only key that is sticking- the A!!!!!!  Of all the keys on a keyboard, why the a?!  lol

I have a youtube video posted!  It is short and not very good, but I did a Tuesday Morning haul video.  My Tuesday Morning is kind of devoid of craft supplies compared to what I see others score, but I was happy to get some scrappy love.  If you’d like to check it out, click here.  It kind of makes me laugh, I have no likes and one dislike.  Gee, thanks.  lol

Finally, I was thinking about why I scrapbook vs. why others scrapbook.  I feel like there are two main reasons people scrapbook.  You either take lots of pictures that you want to remember in a pretty way, or you are scrapbooking because the muse tells you to, and you just so happen to place pictures on a layout.  I am in that second place, I really don’t take photos for memory keeping.  I am trying to change that and did start my first project life album, but I am only giving myself a goal of once a  month for that album.

Okay, I might have had more to say, but I am sick of erasing all the unwanted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.  LOL

Bye friends!



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 

What is Easter really about?  One single event, that caused Christians to believe what we believe. 

It isn’t about religion, it isn’t about Jesus himself… It is about Jesus Christ, rising from the dead- after he told everyone he would! 

He performed many miracles, he was an amazing person, but predicting his death and resurrection, and then actually doing it was what made Christianity last beyond the 1st Century.  The apostles couldn’t stop talking about it!  What are you waiting for?  Who needs to hear about your relationship with Jesus?

Thank you Jesus! 

It won’t be posted until later in the week, but I suggest you check out Pastor Mark Wilson’s message on Easter, my husband and I agreed it was the best we’ve ever heard!  We attended the 6 p.m. service on Saturday evening at FUB.  http://www.fowlervilleub.org/media/

On this Holy day, think about what your savior not only did for you, but what he didn’t do for himself.  He died and rose again so that we may die and rise again, and have a personal, loving relationship with the God that we had shunned.  Hallelujah!

Easter Weekend

Woohoo!  It’s almost Easter Weekend!  Today is my Friday of sorts, Asahi opts to not make the office staff work on Fridays, and I believe it isn’t a full staff out in the shop either. 

I love Easter.  It used to just be the candy.  Then it was the candy, sunshine, and flowers.  Now, it is the sunshine, candy, flowers, and Jesus.  It is the reminder of how amazing our God is.  I try to remember to take time to thank Him for the sacrifice as often as possible.  To come to earth, live like a regular person, be persecuted, beaten, and tried and executed as the lowliest criminal, just to be the living sacrifice so we can be free!  No more animal sacrifices, no more human sacrifices, the ultimate price was paid!  Hallelujah! 

Luke 22-24 is a good place to read the accounts of Jesus dying and rising.  I’m a fan of the Amplified version of the Bible, but for a more fluid, story-like reading, try NIV or NLT.  http://www.youversion.com/bible/luke.22.amp

Tonight I’m going to a friend’s crop night, and hopefully I’ll have super cool layouts to share afterwards!