Adventures in Silhouette

As poetic as that title sounds, I really am talking about using my Silhouette electronic die cutter.  (Is it really a die cutter if there aren’t any dies?)

I have been playing in Silhouette Studio and I think I am going to attempt start a series where I will upload a free cut file twice a month.  (You know my track record, I’m distracted easily… But I will try my best to keep this up.

Today’s is the word “amazeballs” that I created with two different fonts and then I edited a few letters to look more aesthetically pleasing to my own eye.  It is going to be a title to one of my pages of a picture of my husband and myself before we were married.



I am also going to work on uploading tutorials and other videos to youtube, I’ve been trolling long enough.  Keep an eye on my channel.  Right now I think all that is viewable is a video the birds and me talking to them.


Sneezy Weather

Clicking on the photo will take you to Ashley’s blog to see her post and tutorial!

Ashley from Make It and Love It summed it up the best, this is sneezy weather.  She also posted a great little tutorial to keep your tissues from getting mangled in your purse, briefcase, or coat pocket.

I have a whole collection of faux leather and upholstry samples from my local interior design firm, I think I’m going to get to work!






BOSS Inspired Office Look

Okay so first, the fashion show itself.  This is the Fall/Winter 2014 collection by Jason Wu of HUGO BOSS.
And here is my office outfit inspired by the collection.  Some black, some faux fur, the large lapels, and some plaid.  None of them were wearing jewelry, but I am a big fan of earrings, and feel that they can make any look more solidified.
Whatcha think?
BOSS Inspired Office Look

T-shirt to Cami Tutorial

The Wishing For Spring Campaign 2014 continues!  The temp is around 7 degrees (F) outside right now, and there are still snow hills taller than my car everywhere.  I realized that I am starting to get a raw spot on my foot, and I realized it is because I have never spent so much time in socks and shoes in my life!!! (I am not a fan of either, I know, weird coming from a native Michigander…) If it doesn’t heal soon, I may have to go to the doc and make sure it isn’t some sort of infection… I have been spending a lot of time with cold wet feet.  =(   Anyway, now that you’ve had TMI for your Tuesday morning…

I’m going to have to make one… or ten.  I get emails from all free sewing (and crocheting, and knitting, and crafts).  It is a series of websites with links to fantastic patterns for each craft’s site.  In mah email today, from all free sewing, was a t-shirt to cami tutorial inspired by the cutest but most over priced favorite ever; Anthropologie!  I adore everything Anthropologie, but not only are they super expensive, but I could never fit into any of their tiny sized clothing.

Anyway, here is the pic and the link to the tutorial!
t-shirt to cami by Sew Homegrown

I will make one sometime this week and let you know how it went!  If you made one too, please post pictures!!!