A Little Scrapbook Gallery Post

Hi!  Happy Saturday!  I spent very little of my day being productive, but now I am in full force.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually shared some of my scrapbooking… A few of these are digital, but all are layouts I’ve done this year. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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We Have To Stop Meeting Like This

Hey gang! Why do I have to be such a bad blogger? Happy Summer!

So I’ve started a thing. I just got my first hip kit and I made a box opening. Don’t make too much fun of me, it is a bad set up and I am covered in poison ivy, but I am setting up the craft room and will be making a process video soon!

So, here is my June 2017 Hip Kit Box Opening.

The other reason I’m all amped up today (why else do I gush on my blog, right?) is because I am going to try out for the Hip Kit design team! I am super stoked. I’m not sure I’m worthy, but I am willing to try!!!

Thanks for stopping by friends, I’m going to dig through all my finished layouts and make a gallery post, either tonight or tomorrow. Then I will try to tackle a process video with the hipkit! ♡

Adventures in Silhouette

As poetic as that title sounds, I really am talking about using my Silhouette electronic die cutter.  (Is it really a die cutter if there aren’t any dies?)

I have been playing in Silhouette Studio and I think I am going to attempt start a series where I will upload a free cut file twice a month.  (You know my track record, I’m distracted easily… But I will try my best to keep this up.

Today’s is the word “amazeballs” that I created with two different fonts and then I edited a few letters to look more aesthetically pleasing to my own eye.  It is going to be a title to one of my pages of a picture of my husband and myself before we were married.



I am also going to work on uploading tutorials and other videos to youtube, I’ve been trolling long enough.  Keep an eye on my channel.  Right now I think all that is viewable is a video the birds and me talking to them.


Holy Crow, where did 2016 come from?   And why in the world has it already claimed two of my favorite stars?!  David Bowie has been a lifelong obsession, and the more I saw Alan Rickman, the more he endeared himself to my heart.  They will both leave holes in the entertainment world behind them.

Anyway, the scrapbook bug has bitten me pretty hard again and I have been binging on youtube videos.

While in la la ephemera land, I found this website: http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/

Best. Historic. Clipart. Ever!  You must see some of the delicious awesomeness over there!!!!

And like the spastic ADD I am, I’m outtie!

On The Verge


Happy 2015!

Things are in transition here in kurtzcrafts land. I’m going to let my domain expire, and I’m trying to decide what to do with the blog… Why? Because I’m buying a yarn store!!!! I can’t give any details until the deal is done, but I will keep you posted.

Did you know I use ebay? I’m in the process of a mass destash of my craft supplies and other misc. items. http://www.ebay.com/usr/missi_eagles

Stay tuned and thank you for putting up with my fickle tendencies to blogging lol