What’s in the KurtzCrafts Etsy Shop?  <— link to my shop

Here are just a few of my favorite items from my shop.  I have so much more there, I don’t just stick to one or two crafts.  Everything has shipping included in the price, because I hate paying for shipping.  You know you’re always paying so much more than the shipping actually cost the seller to send it!

Redline Marble Beaded Necklace  $15

Redline Marble and Purple Bead Necklace

Red Agate and Dyed Magesite Set $30

Red Agate and Dyed Magnesite Necklace and Earring Set








Jeweled Nose Studs  $4 ea.  (Update! Just ordered more!)




MSD sized BJD hat $6







Cheetah Print Fat Quarter $3





For my blog readers, a special coupon code! TY2012 at checkout gives you 20% off your purchase!  Thank you!


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